Our Denomination

We are a local church affiliated with the Brethren in Christ (BIC) Denomination.  The BIC have a network of churches around the world with smaller groupings of churches in various regions known as conferences. Hanover Brethren in Christ is part of the Susquehanna Conference of the BIC in America.  You can visit the BIC website by clicking here.

The BIC allows for great freedom of expression in it’s churches, thus each church will have it’s own flavor and style.  The denomination itself is a very solid and biblically based organization. We consider it a strength to be affiliated with them.



What We Believe

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Core Values

BIC Positions


Statement of Faith

At Hanover Brethren in Christ, we believe:

– God created everything, including the first humans, Adam and Eve.

– When tempted, Adam and Eve fell into sin.

– All of humanity is guilty for sin and needs a Savior.

– God sent His Son to die for our sins

– Jesus Christ was and is fully God and fully man, died on a cross, was buried, and was resurrected. 

– Jesus ascended to heaven to sit at God’s right hand, and He will one day return to judge the world.

– God’s Holy Spirit indwells every true believer in Christ so that they may live lives led by Him.

– God is a Trinity: three distinct persons in one nature and essence, consisting of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

– Repentance and accepting Christ as your Savior is the only way to gain salvation: no good works can earn eternal life

– Baptism is not required for salvation. However, believers should be baptized, if possible, as an outward sign of their change in life.

– Taking communion is not required for salvation, but it should be practiced by the believers.



If you have any questions concerning our core values or beliefs, please do not hesitate to contact us!